A Q&A with Jessica Stone, office manager for Steven J. Hood, DMD

NCL: Why would someone need dentures?

JS: Either they have lost teeth over the years or they have neglected their dental health for a long time. Financially it is what pushes most into getting dentures as opposed to fixing each tooth individually. Dental restorations are expensive; even with insurance it is much more that most people realize. There are lots of instances of WHY, but I would say we do fewer dentures these days because people do much better with home care and don’t want to get dentures.

NCL: If you think you need dentures, what’s the first step?

JS: Consult with your dentist. Get a second opinion if you don’t feel good about your treatment needs.

NCL: Can you briefly explain the process of having dentures made?

JS: At our office, we usually start with impressions to make a temporary denture. Then when you go and have the teeth extracted, you receive the temporary denture that day. You’ll need to heal for 4-6 weeks, then start the process of the final denture. You get more impressions (everyone’s favorite) and we do a series of steps to get the bite right, a try in with teeth, and then have dentures finalized. It usually takes about 4-6 weeks.

NCL: Do dentures wear out and need to be replaced?

JS: Yes, just like natural teeth can wear from use, the dentures can wear from use. There are different qualities of “teeth” in the dentures that wear faster or last longer, but it all depends on the individual.

NCL: Tips for good denture care?

JS: Take them out daily. Brush and be careful not to drop them; they can break. This also gives your tissue a break to “breathe.”

NCL: Are there any popular misconceptions about dentures?

SH: Yes, that once you get dentures, you don’t have any other concerns or need for a dentist. Lower dentures in particular can be difficult to get used to and get adjusted properly. Also people don’t realize how much it costs to extract remaining teeth and the cost of the dentures themselves. Dentures can be a good thing, but it’s much more difficult than some people think. Take the time to discuss with your dental professionals what is best for YOU!

Dr. Hood and his team are located in Loveland. Find them online at drstevehood.com.