By Judy Finman for Northern Colorado Life

Más Allá Homes is a unique place located a few miles west of Loveland. It is a haven for people who know that the end of their life is near and want to spend their remaining time living in a home-like residence surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Más Allá is owned by Eric Jepsen and Becky Davis. Eric is a successful entrepreneur who dreamed of providing a place like Más Allá. Becky’s background is in hospice care and marketing for a senior care facility. They believe, and are showing at Más Allá, that the end-of-life experience can be beautiful.

Their team at Más Allá is made up of licensed CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants) with QMAP (Qualified Medication Administration Personnel) qualification. They provide expert 24-hour care, meals and laundry services.

“When Más Allá opened our doors in the summer of 2020, we were excited that we’d found such a lovely home near Loveland surrounded by the absolute best that nature offers,” says Becky. “We knew it was a perfect setting for a beautiful end-of-life experience. We also knew that we were in the middle of a pandemic. We immediately put measures in place that would best protect our staff, our guests and their families. Because we work with local hospice teams, there are medical personnel who also need access to our home. One of the advantages of our size is that we have fewer people who come in and out. This has turned out to be a great thing for us during this difficult time.

“Más Allá follows Larimer County Public Health with regard to proper health and safety guidelines. To date it has been very doable for us to limit visitors to less than 10 people in no more than two families. If needed, we will be intentional in setting visitation hours that work best for each family involved. Now that the vaccine is available, we are in the process of getting our staff vaccinated.”

She points out, “There are several advantages to being at our home. We provide a much lower Guest/CNA ratio than a large facility, which greatly improves the care each individual receives. We are able to work with families to meet their needs in a personal way as much as possible. During this pandemic, it has allowed us to have visitors so that our guests do not have to die alone. It is truly a family atmosphere with our team and guests together in a gorgeous home, surrounded by the beautiful foothills of Loveland.”

The owners and staff say:  “Leave the day care to us, allowing you to spend this precious final season together with friends and family.”

See the beautiful Más Allá website with photographs of the home’s interior and its glorious natural surroundings:

Más Allá is located at 9019 W US Hwy 34, Loveland. Call 970-549-0600 to schedule a tour.



The daughter of one guest wrote: “Más Allá was a godsend to my mother and my family in a most difficult time. Más Allá is a home that welcomes no more than five end-of-life guests at a time, and my brother, sister and I were ALL able to be with Mom (24/7 if we wanted to), even in this time of COVID. The days we all had together with my Mom before her passing were precious beyond measure, and this facility made it possible…Had we tried to get full time CNA help (24/7) at my Mom’s house, it would have been extremely difficult and MUCH more expensive than what we paid for the services and facility at Más Allá, not to mention the stress that comes with being in charge of everything. The staff at Más Allá became our friends, and in many ways an extension of our family. And they cared for and embraced my mom as if she was their own.”

Another testimonial, from an out-of-town son, was also full of gratitude. “As we learned of the tragic news my father would soon face, we were looking at terrible alternatives for care in his final months. Due to COVID, every hospice home was unable to have visitation from friends and family. And even when they could visit, it would be limited to a single individual for the duration of my father’s stay there. As myself and others lived out of state, no visitation was a crushing blow… Más Alla …offered many things other facilities could not: a home that visitors could visit freely, an ability for my father to come and go as he pleased, a much smaller and optimal patient/tnurse ratio… a home with internal beauty and serene external landscaping, and extremely caring and thoughtful staff…Becky, Eric, and the entire staff were super attentive to my father. Becky was just a quick text or call away, and was always doing what was best for my father and the family. She ensured we were updated on his health, regularly contacted the Hospice organization we partnered with for support, and held our hands through a very troubling time. They welcomed having gatherings to share love and joy and bent over backwards to accommodate anything we asked for. With their support, we were able to organize a 70th birthday party for my father, as well as arrange a small putt putt golf outing for his closest friends. Through everything, they kept safety top of mind with COVID… I am beyond appreciative for their care, and would highly recommend it to anyone in the Loveland area that is looking for a safe, beautiful, and personable alternative to a typical hospice facility.”